Industrial organisations remain largely unprepared in effectively managing and responding to today’s fierce threats


Cyber security is being tested in bold and unprecedented ways as the frequency, sophistication and devastating impact of cyber attacks increase worldwide. As businesses in every sector race toward solutions, industrial organiaations in the energy and natural resources sector face their own harsh reality as they recognize their potential lack of preparedness — and the potentially catastrophic consequences they now risk.

A number of factors, including a shift to remote work for engineering, production line and maintenance activities — combined with inadequate digital capabilities — have contributed to the alarming sector-wide trend. And public awareness of the threat is growing in the wake of high-profile breaches and its disruptive impact on businesses and consumers.

KPMG's A pathway to industrial cyber resilience report reviews the current threat landscape and provides guidance on how to be better prepared for today's potentially costly and destructive threats. It also examines the role of cyber process hazard analysis as a toolset and identifies the potential benefits for industrial organisations.

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