The global energy landscape is in flux.

From changing power usage patterns to growing demand for ESG-centric solutions, new trends and technologies are shaping how people consume, generate and monitor their use of energy. No longer just passive consumers, customers are becoming “prosumers”. They play a vital role as “producers”, supplying energy to the utilities sector while cutting energy costs and optimising consumption.

This shift presents an opportunity for the utilities sector to leapfrog from labour-intensive, non-digital operations to automated processes. Energy providers are investing in sensor infrastructure, network and communications technologies and big data analytics to optimise costs, drive operational efficiency and build cyber resilience.  

It’s energy manufacturing — made easy.

Global industry leaders are paying heed, with plans to ramp up investments in key areas like automation, artificial intelligence and collaboration technologies, based on findings from KPMG’s CEO Outlook Pulse Survey 2021.

In this article for Project Finance International, KPMG’s Sharad Somani and Abishek Dubey shed light on how key shifts in the global energy sector will help prepare the utilities of the future to be resilient, robust and responsive.  

This article was published in Project Finance International's May 2022 issue.

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