Today’s customers expect their financial interactions to be more innovative, valuable and experiential. They seek convenience and security. They have little time for multiple apps and interfaces; they want it all in one place.

This is where the power of platforms and ecosystems come in. Not only do they consolidate a range of services in one place, they also enable businesses to learn their customers' needs and connect with them across every step of the process. As financial services organisastions pivot towards new platforms, many will face a host of new challenges. The transition will require companies to choose the right ecosystem and platform partners at the right time — aligned to the needs of customers.

In this section, we glean insights from KPMG specialists on ways to speed up transformation through the power of data and integration. 

The financial services landscape is in transition. Download our full report to learn how your business can take advantage of emerging trends and innovative strategies.

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Antony Ruddenklau

Antony Ruddenklau

Partner, Head of Financial Services Advisory, KPMG in Singapore, and
Global Head of Innovation, Financial Services, KPMG International