At KPMG in Singapore, all our actions are guided by our values. They drive our daily behaviours, guide our decisions and shape our ethical culture. We do what is right, in the right way, at the right time.

This aim is impossible without delivering quality audits. While we have a sound foundation to build on, we need to constantly innovate, never losing our focus — especially as leaders of this proud profession.

Our Transparency Reports document how we are improving our quality management, building a strong culture of consistency and accountability. This relentless focus on quality underpins our commitment to serve the public interest, drive excellence with integrity, and deliver on our environmental, social and governance commitments. 


Transparency Report 2022

As we enter a new era of change, we remain committed towards our goal of delivering quality and service excellence in the work that we do. In the 2022 KPMG Transparency Report, we highlight the approaches undertaken in transforming the audit experience for both our clients and teams in our mission to create positive impact across sectors. Sustainability continues to remain at the heart of our growth, fuelling new ideas in innovation and driving key insights as we shape a better tomorrow — for people and planet. 


Transparency Report 2021

Our vision to lead the way in audit quality is clear. In the 2021 KPMG Transparency Report, we document how we are improving our quality management, while building a stronger culture of consistency and accountability. We share how we inspire confidence in the public, investors, audit committees and our stakeholders. And we outline how we are reaching our ESG goals. We are taking action, we’re investing and we’re making it happen.

Transparency Report 2020

Extraordinary times require extraordinary planning to address complex challenges. In our 2020 KPMG Transparency Report, we share how we are delivering on our fundamental promise of audit quality to serve the public, investors, audit committees and our stakeholders. Getting audit quality right each and every time is what we are focused on to build public trust and serve the capital markets and society at large. 

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