The way individuals are approaching philanthropy has evolved in recent years. Philanthropists are taking the very best of the corporate world and adding more rigour and measurement to how they give back to social causes, reprioritising how and where they invest, and going beyond financial contributions to direct both time and talent to their philanthropic endeavours.

With this in mind, KPMG’s Family Office & Private Client team has conducted extensive research ― including market analysis, surveys and in-depth interviews with philanthropists across the globe ― to uncover how they support various causes, the approaches they adopt, as well as the successes and lessons learnt through their respective journeys.

Our Future of Philanthropy campaign provides numerous insights into emerging trends in philanthropy.

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Many of us make regular and often sizeable charitable donations supporting causes that are close to our hearts. It is part of what makes us human. But when does charity become philanthropy?

Explore the difference between charitable giving and philanthropic structures to support ad-hoc giving alongside longer-term goals.

What does the giving landscape look like in the new normal? As the world transitions to a new normal and societies seek to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19, the ESG agenda is climbing the list of priorities for organisations, individuals and broader society, including those among wealthy populations who are looking to give back.

Against this backdrop, we are seeing the emergence of a new wave of modern philanthropists adopting innovative approaches to philanthropic activity.

In 2021, KPMG Family Office & Private Client conducted surveys and in-depth interviews with select philanthropists around the world to uncover new approaches, collaboration strategies and emerging trends among some of today’s most active philanthropists.

The “Disruptive Philanthropists” report is the result of this research. 

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