COVID-19 vaccines: a holistic approach

COVID-19 vaccines: a holistic approach

Considerations for a holistic approach to COVID-19 vaccines for Asia-Pacific leaders



Ajay Sanganeria

Partner, Head of Tax

KPMG in Singapore

COVID-19 vaccines: a holistic approach

There are nearly 30 million COVID-19 cases worldwide (20% of which are in the Asia-Pacific region) and more than 150 prospective vaccines under development. With the economic implications of this global pandemic, all eyes are on these vaccines as a critical tool for national re-opening. But there are already challenges in the Asia-Pacific as it pertains to equitable immunization program distribution as well as access indicators such as pharmacy authorization. While the Asia-Pacific has fared well in relative global terms, the “great re-opening” could fall short of expectations without proper foresight and planning. This article advocates for complete population pathway considerations by Asia-Pacific leaders over the coming weeks and months.

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