Those of us that perform leadership roles know that leadership is more of an art than a science. It is personal, deeply personal, and it is also interpersonal.

We are all prone to falling into comfortable patterns in our day to day lives, and our leadership roles are no different. It is not until something disrupts the equilibrium that we tend to call into question how effectively we are exercising the leadership responsibilities we have in our organizations.

Sometimes disruption takes the form of some unexpected feedback, or stepping into a new role with different stakeholders, people or responsibilities. Right now, that disruption has arrived in the form of a health and economic situation that has all the features of a complex crisis on a global scale. The future is unclear, there are many moving parts, solutions to the problem are contested, everyone has a view and society is behaving in alarmingly unpredictable and irrational ways.

This toolkit contains thoughts drawn from relevant thinking on these topics as well as observations, reflections and learnings from years of collective experience.

It includes the following topics and focus areas:

  • Where to focus as a leader?
  • What to consider when leading in disruption?
  • Sustaining performance in a virtual environment
  • Who are the leaders we need to be, now?
  • Maintaining productivity – Rethinking the mechanics of work
  • Resilience in isolation – Physical distance, remote work and mental health
  • Tools for staying connected