The extensive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic not only presents an alarming health crisis globally; it has also triggered significant economic effects that are being felt worldwide. 

Right now, organizations around the globe are looking for ways to minimize the immediate impact of the pandemic and position themselves for recovery in the future.

We believe that to survive this crisis and move on to future success, businesses must act now to build enterprise-wide resilience. And we can share just how you can start building that resilience today.


Practical guidance to navigate the impact of COVID-19

KPMG teams across the region have come together to produce the Asia Pacific edition of COVID-19: A guide to maintaining Enterprise Resilience.  

This guide offers practical guidance for enterprises to alleviate the impact of the pandemic, by covering three key areas – Financial Resilience, Operational Resilience and Commercial Resilience – while also offering insights on the short, medium and long term considerations organizations of various sizes must consider moving forward.

Also included is an interactive questionnaire. Once completed, respondents will receive an instant report with useful takeaways and practical next steps for their businesses.

Begin building enterprise-wide resilience for your business – Download the guide now.