The Journey to ERM 2.0

The Journey to ERM 2.0

A Guide to Enterprise Risk Management for the Public Sector in Singapore

Jonathan Ho

Partner, Head of Governance & Risk, Advisory and Head of Infrastructure, Government & Healthcare

KPMG in Singapore

The Journey to ERM 2.0

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is not a static exercise but a continuous journey to improve an organization's ability to anticipate and manage its risks.

This publication shares trends and the evolution of risks and risk management practices, as well as key insights, into how Public Sector organizations can continuously improve and mature their ERM practices.

Our inputs tap on KPMG’s extensive experience through the years partnering the Public Sector in Singapore to provide practical guidance and considerations to unlock further value from ERM as a program.

We also provide perspectives on the latest ERM initiatives and activities that organizations have started to embark on both globally and in Singapore.

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