Forensic Digital Solutions

Forensic Digital Solutions

Digital solutions that address your needs, while also improving effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Forensic Digital Solutions

Innovation is key in our Forensic team. We leverage technology, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to deploy digital solutions that not only address our client’s needs but also improve effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Our key digital solutions are:

  • Next Gen Name Screening system

    Working with a fintech company, we offer an advanced KYC name screening solution known as K3PID. Using artificial intelligence, it automatically adjudicates potential hits for first level review, resulting in a more than 50% cost savings for clients.
  • KPMG Trade Based Money Laundering Solution

    Working with an intelligence company, we have developed a holistic solution for trade finance compliance using analytics to identify unusual transactions. The solution analyses structured and unstructured information and identifies additional risk parameters so that clients can conduct more targeted customer reviews.
  • Transaction monitoring, sanctions screening and customer risk assessment

    Integrating the use of advanced analytics and machine learning, we offer a 360 degrees customer risk assessment framework. Its applications can also be scaled for use in areas such as transaction monitoring and sanctions screening, which results in fewer and better quality alerts.

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