Are you ready for the next big wave?

Are you ready for the next big wave?

Make the right decisions about emerging technologies.

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Today’s businesses are innovating across business models, products, services, and customer engagement while disrupting markets and entire industries. This pursuit of everything digital is happening at an accelerating pace. 

In this race to harness emerging technologies and innovate, it is easy to forget about governance and that can lead to significant costs and risks. Understanding when, how, why and what new technologies are introduced to an organization is critical to both maximize the opportunities that they present and minimize the inherent risks. 

The unique characteristics of emerging technologies – their diverse applications, the myriad concerns raised by some new capabilities, the need for public engagement, and the challenge of effective coordination between governance players – create the need for a new governance approach and a new lens through which to view risk management.

Establishing a governance framework that embraces disruptive technologies and encourages innovation while ensuring risks are identified and managed is essential to an organization’s ability to survive and thrive in a digital world.

This paper sets out a framework for governing emerging technologies, and the steps you can take to put this in place.

Download the paper here. (PDF 439 KB)

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