Sustainability Guide for Boards

Sustainability Guide for Boards

Helping Boards fulfil their governance role in the company’s sustainability vision

Sustainability Guide for Boards – At a Glance

Sustainability is becoming a critical issue for corporates.

While companies are already managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues as part of their daily operations, sustainability is now a strategic imperative as business practices, and the outcomes of these practices, come under the spotlight.

SID, in collaboration with KPMG in Singapore, and with the support of SGX, have produced the Sustainability Guide for Boards. The first of its kind in Singapore, this publication is designed to help Boards fulfil their governance role in the strategic formulation and execution of the company’s sustainability vision. Specifically, it dovetails with the directions of the SGX Listing Rules 711A and 711B, which require sustainability reporting for listed companies on a ‘comply or explain’ basis. View the full digital version of the Guide here.

You can also download the "At A Glance" booklet - a summary of the Guide, including the appendix on the SGX Sustainability Reporting Guide.

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