Life Sciences Compliance in Asia

Life Sciences Compliance in Asia

How the Evolution of Asia’s Compliance Landscape is Driving Uncertainty

Life Sciences Compliance in Asia

For many Life Sciences organizations looking to enhance their compliance programs, regulatory uncertainty can make it challenging to identify where to prioritize their compliance efforts.

Markets across Asia hold substantial growth opportunities for Life Sciences companies, however their varying regulatory regimes mean compliance is often tedious and time consuming.

There is a need to track and comply with multiple laws from different geographies – for instance, while compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is critical for most companies, we have seen the emergence and bolstering of domestic anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws in several Asian countries.

To understand how organizations are responding to the changing compliance environment in Asia, KPMG Singapore surveyed Regional Heads of Compliance and Internal Audit from major multinational corporations in Asia regarding their compliance and culture related activities.

Read more about the findings and recommended practices for compliance programs in Asia.

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