What it can do

What it can do

This web-enabled collaboration & reporting tool provides tax and finance departments with real-time visibility over the entire compliance project.

Gain real-time visibility over the entire compliance project.

Over the past 10+ years, the changing regulatory environment has put greater emphasis on the quality of processes and controls within global businesses. There is an ever-increasing need for high quality, real time information. This is a greater than ever challenge for tax, risk and other compliance departments. Responding to this need and working with our global clients, KPMG created LINK 360. Below are the three core functions of KPMG LINK 360:

Workflow management

Real-time visibility and control through a pre-defined process framework, roles and responsibilities. It reflects our experience of the functionality and flexibility needed to work effectively and efficiently in a complex global compliance environment.

Document management

A single central repository for key documents, facilitating knowledge sharing between teams operating in multiple locations. An audit trail captures edits and changes to all data and documents in the system and allows commentary as required.


Standardized and customized reports give you the information you need when you need it. Real-time status reporting on global compliance progress and custom reporting from data gathering and analysis.

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