Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots

Success in today’s complex global financial markets requires unprecedented levels of speed, accuracy, and cost efficiency beyond what a human workforce can provide. That’s why financial services markets are increasingly turning to RPA and artificial intelligence-driven cognitive automation to transform their businesses.



  • Robots can do sophisticated tasks more efficiently than humans
  • Businesses must integrate robotics and cognitive automation into their operations-- If they don’t, they will be at a disadvantage and could be obsolete in a flash

Investment banks, exchanges, clearing organizations and other capital market businesses are increasingly recognizing the power of technology and the benefits of transforming their businesses.

Accordingly, many of them have begun to incorporate highly automated
information technology and artificial intelligence driven process innovations
into their operations.

And yet, most financial services firms have done little or nothing in way of
integrating robotic process automation (RPA) into their business processes. A
recent study found that more than 40 percent of capital markets respondents
weren’t using RPA at all, and another 24 percent are just talking about it.
Only 12 percent were using RPA, and then only sparingly.

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