Strategic acquisitions

Strategic acquisitions

Tapping into local innovation on a global scale.

Tapping into local innovation on a global scale.

Tap into local innovation on a global scale

Across the globe, KPMG member firms invest in emerging ideas, solutions and companies to help their clients access good ideas wherever they emerge.

Sometimes it takes leg work to uncover and commercialize great ideas. That is why KPMG’s member firms are continuously levering their local insight and connections to invest into local ideas that demonstrate strong global potential.

And that means that clients gain access to some of the best ideas, innovations and technologies no matter where in the world they emerge.

KPMG member firms’ acquisitions in the D&A space include companies such as:

Social Media Intelligence Group: Known as SR7 when acquired by KPMG in Australia, this social media intelligence company has been fully integrated into the Australian Analytics, Information and Modelling team where they are creating valuable global solutions to drive social media risk identification and mitigation.

Cynergy: KPMG in the US acquired this mobility services and digital experience company which focuses on helping businesses integrate digital and mobile technologies across the enterprise.

Link Analytics: KPMG in the US acquired Link Analytics, an analytical technology company specializing in developing data analytics solutions. Link works with clients to answer their highest-value questions, transforming complex data into actionable and repeatable analytical technology solutions. The mission is analytical enablement for clients, which occurs through solutions, analytical engines and consulting.

Crimsonwing: KPMG in the UK, Netherlands and Malta jointly acquired Crimsonwing, an international IT company that provides industry-specific business, mobile and cloud solutions for international clients related to Microsoft Dynamics and eCommerce business solutions, making KPMG the largest Big Four provider of Microsoft Dynamics consulting and implementation services in Europe. 

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