Risk and regulatory challenges

Risk and regulatory challenges

KPMG’s EMA Financial Services Risk & Regulatory Insight Centre provides insights into the implications of risk and regulatory change.

KPMG’s EMA Financial Services Risk and Regulatory Insight Centre provides insights into...

In 2018, risk and regulation continue to be key drivers of the strategic agenda. A decade on from the global financial crisis, we have not seen the anticipated decrease in regulatory challenges for financial services providers.

Regulators continue to expect an overall strengthening of core risk management governance, controls, practices, and reporting, particularly in the areas of cybersecurity, third-party risk management, and conduct and culture. Continued adoption of automation and innovative technology will help drive sustainable and effective change across these regulatory challenges.

A global perspective

The EMA Centre is part of a global network of KPMG Insight Centres providing:

  • insights into the regulatory agenda and issues, market developments, and the challenges to strategy, business model and operating procedures
  • access to a global team which understands regulation, supervision and the implications for management, the board and customers
  • experienced advisers who deliver pragmatic solutions to complex regulatory issues
  • regular updates on key developments.

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