The US market has always been a preferred destination for investors around the globe and has provided numerous investment opportunities in many sectors. In recent years, investments by funds, family offices and companies into the US have increased exponentially.

Similarly, Asia is an attractive location for US investors who have been provided access to public and private market opportunities and significant exposure through Singapore investment platforms and structures.

The fundamentals, such as the location of the fund, choice of entity type, and how to structure investments in a tax efficient way, can have a critical impact on investors’ decision-making process, and the potential US tax cost and obligations. This could become a hindrance and potentially a deal breaker for investors if not well planned in advance. Determining, planning for, and meeting US tax compliance requirements can also be challenging in the wake of frequent changes in the US tax regulations.

Join our upcoming live webinar on US tax compliance and planning, specially designed for investment funds and family offices to navigate the complexities of US tax, presented by our Singapore and US tax experts.

This session will be a high-level discussion on US tax compliance and advisory related to US investors in a Singapore-based investment platforms as well as funds/family offices with investments into the US.


Topics include:

  • General US tax reporting requirements and when they apply
  • Investing in US assets – US and Singapore tax implications; and
  • Recent noteworthy US tax development


This webinar is complimentary, although early registration is recommended. 

Monday, 31 October 2022

3:00pm - 4:00pm

60 minutes

Live Webinar

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