Singapore as an alternative fund hub

What makes Singapore a pre-eminent fund hub for China fund managers.

What makes Singapore a pre-eminent fund hub for China fund managers.

Singapore as an alternative fund hub

Over the last two decades, Singapore has emerged as one of Asia’s preeminent asset management hubs. Global and Asian investors have had significant exposure to Singapore investment platforms and structures, especially funds with an Asia-Pacific mandate.

Singapore is often used as a fund investment platform to hold portfolio investments in China, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Japan and Korea. In the webinar held in Mandarin on Tuesday, 15 September 2020, we shared insights on what makes Singapore an attractive asset management hub and fund domicile/holding platform for investments into Asia-Pacific jurisdictions. The session covered the following topics:

  • Overview of the asset management industry in Singapore
  • Types of fund management licenses
  • Tax implications and incentives available for fund managers
  • Commonly used fund vehicles, including Variable Capital Companies 
  • Tax schemes 13R & 13X

If you missed this webinar, the presentation deck is available for download under the Event Resources below.

Should you have any queries, please contact Desley Tan, Director of Business Development, Asset Management at or +65 9628 2098.

在过去20年来,新加坡已成为亚洲最重要的资产管理中心之一。 全球和亚洲投资者对新加坡的投资平台和结构已有深厚的了解,特别是专注于投资在亚太地区的基金。



  • 新加坡资管行业概況及新趋势
  • 管理人牌照综述与分类
  • 管理人相应的减税优惠,现有税收协定网络
  • 常见基金架构,包括可变动资本公司(VCC)
  • 基金免税政策 13R 及13X

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如果您有任何提问,欢迎与Desley Tan(电邮; 联系号码:+65 9628 2098) 联系。



Event Speakers


Teo Wee Hwee

Head of Real Estate and Asset Management, Tax
KPMG in Singapore

Wee Hwee is the Head of Real Estate and Asset Management (Tax) at KPMG in Singapore and has extensive experience in structuring single country and multiple jurisdictions funds with a Asian focus, both close / open ended, listed / unlisted, and across various asset classes. He is also familiar with fund platforms in Singapore, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands etc, as well as tax efficient divestment planning opportunities for funds with multiple exit strategies. Wee Hwee has also assisted many Singapore and foreign investors to structure their Singapore real estate investments in a tax efficient manner across various asset classes.


Wai Shan (Connie) Wong

Executive Director
DMS Governance (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Connie Wong is an independent professional director at DMS Governance (DMS) with over a decade of professional experience in finance and alternative investment sector through positions held in Cayman Islands, Hong Kong and Singapore. Her practice includes a broad range of Asia-based hedge funds, private equities and venture capital funds, with varying investment strategies across multiple jurisdictions. Connie joined DMS in 2015 in the Cayman Islands office, and later progress her roles within the firm in Hong Kong and Singapore offices. In her current role at DMS Singapore, she oversees the strategic partnership and growth of business in the region.

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