See Wei Hwa

Partner, Property Tax & Dispute Resolution, Tax

KPMG in Singapore

Wei Hwa is a Partner at KPMG in Singapore with nearly 15 years of tax advisory and compliance experience.

He specialises in domestic and international tax, advising clients on an extensive range of issues, including income tax, property tax and stamp duty in mergers and acquisitions, legal entity rationalisation and internal restructuring.

Wei Hwa is active in the tax dispute resolution space. As the Tax Dispute Leader at KPMG in Singapore, he manages tax audits, resolves disputes with the tax authority and represents clients at tax tribunals.

An international tax practitioner, Wei Hwa has been significantly involved in cross-border transactions as well, designing and implementing tax solutions  for holding, financing and transaction structures, and developing tax solutions for intellectual property planning and value chain management.

He has published articles and books covering a gamut of issues, such as domestic and international taxation, stamp duty, property tax, income tax, tax treaty, tax avoidance, base erosion and profit shifting. He also regularly delivers speeches on tax-related issues.

Wei Hwa serves as a lecturer at the Tax Academy of Singapore, where he teaches intermediate and advanced corporate taxation. 

  • Master of Laws, Leiden University

  • Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours), Nanyang Technological University

  • Chartered Accountant, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants

  • Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax), Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals Limited