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Our approach

KPMG partnered with Kuehne + Nagel to develop a single revolutionary platform that has been designed to seamlessly connect customers and transport partners to facilitate land trade.

KPMG used a design thinking approach, to uncover real needs and pain-points from customers and transportation partners. For customers, an opportunity was identified to transform both the manual and often lengthy processes involved when requesting and finalizing quotes. For transport partners, the area of focus was utilization of excess capacity and access to jobs.

The design of the value proposition put the users at the center, and ensured a simple solution to these challenges. After initial concepts were validated with both customers and transport partners, KPMG delivered the platform using an agile development approach together with expertize in the freight ecosystem.

Ultimately, etrucKNow has been launched in Thailand for a pilot before deployment in other markets. In parallel, the product roadmap for etrucKNow is being refined to enhance the offerings provided by the platform and also to stay relevant to meet user needs.

Kuehne + Nagel



Receive instant quotations and book a shipment in just a few simple clicks. The platform removes the need for documentation, or a painful and lengthy booking process

Transport partners

A seamless and simplified way to connect with partners, utilize excess capacity and gain access to a huge number of customers presenting new business opportunities. The platform further empowers transport partners, giving them real-time visibility and tracing of jobs.

The client

The platform serves as the backbone to enable, simplify and digitize overland trade, driving efficiency and productivity as well as making it easier for businesses to work with the company.

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Making it real

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Talal Ikhwan
Director, Advisory
KPMG Digital Village,
KPMG in Singapore