KPMG Clubhouse problem statement

Case Study

Our approach

Using human-centric design principles, KPMG transformed the Clubhouse into a truly unique space.

The team worked to understand the pain points and needs of their people by conducting interviews, gathering insights and observing the flow in the Clubhouse space at different times of day.

This was followed by intense ideation workshops in which value propositions were developed and technology was carefully selected to address challenges and enhance the opportunity.

The aim was to create a space for shared experiences, memories and growth on a personal and business level.

KPMG Clubhouse



Increased capacity by 50% including a revamped collaboration zone, event space and bar/cafe zone. 


Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies including seamless entry with facial recognition, swift ordering with RFID cashless self check-out and projectors to enable mood setting. 


Providing a collaborative yet tranquil space to eat, work and play. Engaging employees with somewhere to both work and socialize.

Case Studies


Making it real

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Talal Ikhwan
Director, Advisory
KPMG Digital Village,
KPMG in Singapore