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KPMG Digital Village is running the Global Fintech Hackcelerator program for the third year running.

For each run of the program, 20 finalists are selected across 3 focus areas and a general category, and work with real client owners to contextualize their solutions to client and industry needs. This offers the start-ups the opportunity to receive funding of up to S$200,000 to develop a contextualized proof of concept.

The finalists from the 2017 Global FinTech Hackcelerator are already seeing tangible outcomes from their participation - some have gone on to work with corporates to pilot their solution, and others have successfully exited via an acquisition.

The 3 winners from the 2018 program, which are BetterTradeOff, Billion Group and Mosabi, are currently working with industry champions to adopt and integrate their solutions into real-life business applications.

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For more information on Global Fintech Hackcelerator, click here.

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