KPMG is a partner of Jobbsprånget, an initiative to introduce academics from outside Sweden to the Swedish market. Anupriya Anupriya, Sneha Khadilkar and Surbhi Aggarwal are three of the talents from Jobbsprånget, who have joined KPMG on four-month internships as audit associates. They all describe their internships as positive experiences.

This fall audit welcomed four interns to Audit Stockholm, and three more interns joined in February.

“Our ambition is to find new employees with a wide range of experience and background, as a part of our inclusion and diversity work, to strengthen our teams and to be a good corporate citizen,” says Fredrik Sjölander Partner, Audit & Assurance.


Anupriya Anupriya, Sneha Khadilkar and Surbhi Aggarwal are three of our talents from Jobbsprånget, who started their internship as audit associates in October last year.

"As soon as I saw the position of audit associate advertised by KPMG, I immediately knew that this was meant for me as it exactly matched my prior experience. To be associated with an organization with such a global repute and impeccable track record has been nothing short of a dream for me" says Anupriya Anupriya. 

"The greatest benefit of this internship is that it has helped build my self-confidence and self-image. Skilled yet helpful seniors and mentors, good friends, a great workspace, and growth opportunities are contributing factors to it" says Sneha Khadilkar.  

"Moreover, I have observed that KPMG is an indiscriminative employer when it comes to recruitment. After years of struggle to settle in the Swedish market, experience with KPMG and Jobbsprånget has been a cool breeze."

Learn for a lifetime

An internship with KPMG is an opportunity to learn valuable skills for the future. Surbhi Aggarwal, former teacher at a university in India, says she has learned many new skills with KPMG: 

"I have been learning both the technical skills, like MS Excel or other software or tools to work efficiently, as well as the concept of auditing and how to use professional judgement while evaluating financial statements of an organization" says Surbhi Aggarwal.

"It’s a team effort from everyone involved – our fantastic interns and mentors, and other colleagues who get engaged. It’s good to see such a great outcome from the initiative! We are now looking forward to following the new group" says Alexandra Salomonsson, Senior Manager and responsible for the Jobbsprånget initiative within audit.

What is Jobbsprånget?

Jobbsprånget is Sweden’s largest internship program for newcomer academics. Since 2016, they have connected nearly 2,200 foreign talents with over 400 participating employers in need of their skills. The initiative is financed by the Swedish government and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.


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