August Update Sweden – Immigration restrictions related to COVID-19

Sweden: Immigration restrictions related to COVID-19

On August 27th the Swedish Government decided to extend the current entry ban until October 31st.



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On August 27th the Swedish Government decided to extend the current entry ban until October 31st. There have also been some changes in the list of countries whose residents are exempted from the entry ban.

A temporary entry ban was introduced on 19 March and has since then been extended on several occasions. The latest extension, announced on 27 August, lasts until 31 October. However, the entry restrictions have also been reduced as of 4 July for certain categories of travelers. Consequently, EU nationals, their family members and work/residence permit holders are now allowed to enter Sweden regardless of the purpose of their visit.

The group of people allowed to enter Sweden has also been further extended with residents of certain specified countries being exempted from the entry ban. The exempted countries are;

  • Australia
  • Georgia
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Rwanda
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Tunisia
  • Uruguay

Residents of Algeria, Montenegro, Morocco and Serbia were previously included on the list, but have now been removed. However, other exemptions may still apply to residents of these countries.

In addition, the entry ban does not apply for people with an essential need or function in Sweden. These functions include highly skilled workers, if the job cannot be postponed or performed remotely, and certain categories of healthcare employees and researchers.

Why this matter

The extended exemptions from the travel ban signify a huge relief for companies and individuals working and doing business in Sweden. In previous TaxNews we have detailed how the Swedish Migration Agency’s 4-month deadline to start employment in Sweden after the approval of a work permit has caused significant issues as a result of the travel restrictions. The news that all work and residence permit holders will now be allowed entry is therefore welcome. The exemption for residents of additional countries also means a gradual opening for business travelers.

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Heléne Markström
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