KPMG launches POC-2-Cash concept to accelerate 5G business value together with Ericsson

KPMG to accelerate 5G business value with Ericsson

KPMG have introduced a concept called “POC-2-Cash”, combining Ericsson’s technical expertise in 5G for smart wireless manufacturing and KPMG’s ability to create quantified business value from digitalization initiatives. POC-2-Cash unlocks the 5G potential with a focus on technology, business and operations, delivering profitable cellular implementation to industrial manufacturers.


Based on our calculations, a factory can unlock the digital value of wireless communication estimated to 1 dollar per square meter per day, which in a factory of 10 000 square meters would equal annual savings of approximately 4 million USD. KPMG’s and Ericsson’s methodology can drive the realization of this value. POC-2-Cash is a three-step process to explore, tailor and realize business impact together with industry partners. Together, we explore 5G use cases at our Insights Center and on the factory floor, we tailor the use cases to customize the solution for the specific factory, and we ensure realization of business value. The process is designed to prevent companies from getting stuck in “Proof of Concept loops”, but instead tailoring 5G use cases and planning the implementation to enable customized value realization.

Industry 4.0 will help make machines smarter, factories more efficient, processes less wasteful, production lines more flexible and productivity higher. Cellular technology is seen as a key enabler for unlocking the potential. With Ericsson Industry Connect, the dedicated LTE network delivers a secure and reliable wireless private cellular network with a clear path to 5G. Together with local communication service providers, Industry Connect enables industrial manufacturers to digitally transform existing operations, as well as innovate new processes and services.

“The partnership with Ericsson combines competences within technology, business and operations relevant for the manufacturing industry. With our shared know-how, we create value for the manufacturing industry and support them from Proof of Concept to real business value.”, says Björn Hallin, Partner & Chairman of the Board at KPMG Sweden

”Industry 4.0 is happening at the same time as 5G is about to ramp up. Clear business impact analysis on result and balance sheets are critical to justify industries to adopt this new wireless technology. We believe our technology leadership together with KPMG business analysis, local communication service providers and the broader ecosystem can accelerate the transition from trials to real business impact,” says Erik Josefsson, Head of Advanced Industries at Ericsson.


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