Lamborghini shifts gears into smart manufacturing’s fast lane

Lamborghini shifts gears into smart manufacturing

Legendary exotic car maker Lamborghini decided to shift gears on production and build a new smart factory from the ground up for its new Urus – the world’s first ‘super sport utility vehicle.’ The famous auto manufacturer turned to KPMG’s experts for their guidance and collaboration as it set out to build what would be its first factory of the future.

Daniel Sziranyi

Partner & Head of Strategy

KPMG in Sweden

Lamborghini new Urus factory

The i4.0 journey began with a targeted customer market in mind for the new model. And with a clear understanding of the needs and preferences of the targeted market segment, the client and KPMG collaborated on a comprehensive i4.0 strategy that defined how the factory, its technology and its processes should work.

With a strategic i4.0 roadmap and its precise objectives in hand, KPMG developed and implemented the complex IT platform that manages manufacturing operation in the entire assembly and finishing halls. The factory features an unprecedented modular design, using digital sensors and robots in a collaborative environment.

Boasting the most-advanced Industry 4.0 standards, the futuristic facility merges virtual worlds and live production by integrating robotics and machine-to-machine collaboration with Lamborghini’s skilled production workers. Each vehicle moves along the production floor via automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that autonomously transport each car to the appropriate work island.

Electronic monitoring, data collection and reporting from every corner of the shop floor are available instantly and workers can control every aspect of production on site – or remotely from any location – using tablets that fully eliminate reliance on paper documents.

“Our ground-breaking Lamborghini project proved again the critical importance of considering value before technology on the i4.0 journey,” says KPMG’s Italy-based project leader Carmelo Mariano. “Elements of the value chain were incorporated into their overall strategy. And that's how companies should be thinking today as they pursue i4.0 transformation. Understand the value and performance factors of the business and then pursue the appropriate technology and related capabilities.”

From technological scouting to the executive phase, KPMG in Italy accompanied Lamborghini on the path to industry 4.0! Watch the video of the i4.0 Lamborghini factory

Daniel Szirányi, Head of Industrial Markets at KPMG Sweden, comments:

“To be a part of building a complete digital manufacturing plant for Lamborghini is truly impressive. Our colleagues at KPMG Italy have done an incredible job. The new Lamborghini factory is unique as it demonstrates how the value from Industry 4.0 initiatives can be maximized. You need to start by focusing on customers’ needs and overall business objectives, and then link various technical solutions in the manufacturing process in one common setup, instead of working with independent pilot solutions in different parts of the value chain.

Technology is the engine for change once the plan is set. Successful companies are able to combine strategic and market-oriented capabilities with deep technology understanding. Functional divisions belong to the past. In order to really transform and get maximum effect out of the i4.0 investments, companies need to define the future operating model and how the organization must work in order to be competitive and disruptive tomorrow. That’s where you will win the market and the customers.”


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