Our recruitment process

In most of our processes, you as a candidate will be asked to complete online tests as a first step in the selection process.

The next step is an HR interview where the goal is to get to know you as a person better and check if your skills match the specific position. In some processes, this step means that you will be invited to an Assessment day. Our Assessment Days can be both full days and half days at the office where the position is located. During the day, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills through cases and interviews and meet the department's managers and employees.

As a last step we will have a final interview with you where you get to meet with a manager of the department or team you will be considered as a future employee for. If you have not completed a case study in previous stages, this may be carried out during the final interview.

After the final interview we naturally will contact your references to understand a bit more about who you are seen as a person to others in a professional or social capacity. Following a decision being made, we will get in contact with you to discuss the outcome of your interview process. During this time, we highly encourage you to discuss any questions you may have about your candidacy and request any feedback you wish to receive. 

CV tips

  • Make sure your CV should include a clear and organized structure with a list of your academic and professional experience in reversed chronological order.
  • Personalize your application so it is targeted to a specific role.
  • KPMG is a global and international company. It is therefore interesting to learn about your international experiences from work and studies.
  • Experiences from student associations, previous work experience and leadership skills is also deemed relevant.
CV tips

Interview tips

  • You want to be at your best for your interview, but more importantly we want you to be yourself. We hire people for the long term and connecting you to the role that you are best suited for is key both for you and for us.
  • We employ a large number of recent graduates, and we are aware that you may not yet have a long list of experience. During the interview, we want to learn more about you, what drives and motivates you, your strengths and your skills
  • Be curios and ask questions. This is your chance to explore if KPMG is the right workplace for you. These questions will also help us get a better understanding of you and how you would like to evolve.