"All transformations are tech-enabled today"

Meet Amr Cherif, Microsoft Alliance Lead at KPMG. Amr joined KPMG last year and has extensive experience from working in tech-led environments. Get to know his view on how to work within an alliance-enabled business; what tech transformation means and his thoughts on how he makes a difference in his role.

What does technology transformation mean to you?

Amr: Technology transformation is taking an organization from perhaps an outdated reality, with limited possibilities, to a more relevant one that enables optimization, flexibility and opportunity.

I can’t think of an organization that is not highly dependent on technology for practically everything from strategy to operations. The choice to implement and use the right technology is one of extreme importance and almost always gives organizations the platform they need to execute on their short- and long-term goals.

"I can’t think of an organization that is not highly dependent on technology for practically everything from strategy to operations."


Why would an organization choose to work with KPMG on tech-enabled transformations?

Amr: KPMG is in a unique position to help organizations with real future proof transformation. Our long history as auditors and trusted advisors means we have a deep understanding of how organizations work, something that translates into real value for our clients. We are risk conscious and we know how to enable processes through tech.

For you, what are the key strengths of working with alliances?

Amr: I would say that it’s a match made in heaven! Each of the parties is doing what they do best. KPMG is the business and transformation expert while the alliance partner focuses on building world class technology platforms to realize modern business value.

What does alliance-enabled business transformation by KPMG firms look like?

Amr: That’s a very good question and I have the perfect answer. At KPMG we use our state-of-the-art solutions Connected, Powered, Trusted to deliver real value to our clients based on countless years of experience and according to best practice.
Connected provides an integrated suite of preconfigured, sector specific enablers to design, build and operate a customer-centric, agile, digitally enabled business.
Powered is an outcome-driven, functional transformation solution that combines deep industry knowledge, global delivery capability and market leading cloud technologies. It helps drive sustainable change, rising performance and lasting value for our clients.
The Trusted imperative defines a new and dynamic approach to risk and regulation for a digital era so that organizations can focus their attention on the business outcomes and strategic priorities that matter most.

Where do you feel you make the difference in your role?

Amr: Well, I have a role that’s both dynamic and exciting where I get to work with clients to help solve their business challenges while enabling them to realize their goals. At the same time I also work closely with our alliance partner to ensure that we are strategically focusing our resources and energy on the bigger picture of how we can help our society.

What does tech-enabled transformation look like for today’s business leaders?

Amr: Maybe I’m biased here, but I really don’t think there is any kind of organizational change that isn’t tech-enabled. Today’s business leaders cannot skip out on being up to date on what is happening in the technology space with regards to their business, industry and markets. Fortunately for them, we at KPMG have the experts that are always updated and can help bring clarity to a somewhat complex matter.

What advice would you offer to individuals embarking on a new tech transformation project?

Amr: Oh, there are so many, but if I were to try and pick one that would be to work with a partner that you trust; help your partner help you by sharing your history, methods, challenges and vision. Giving them a comprehensive picture of the “why” will enable them to give you the best possible “how”.

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