Financial Risk Management

If you are interested in working with Financial Risk Management in all different forms, and with the best consultants possible, KPMG Financial Risk Management (FRM) is the right place for you. We are a leading actor when it comes to internal auditing, regulations, risk management, and treasury issues in the Swedish and Nordic financial markets. Today, we are close to 60 employees in the FRM department, divided into four teams which all have their main focus, but freely works across borders. We work with risk, compliance and internal audit within the financial sector. Our clients are also treasury functions (internal banks) in industry and other sectors. We develop risk management in modern environments and with deep knowledge within the issues that only the best specialists can handle, a prerequisite for helping companies to adapt to future requirements. We are also many generalists who work in many different roles, such as project managers. What characterizes a FRM consultant is that as a generalist you also have deep knowledge in several risk management areas. We conduct various training for boards, management and other specialists both in Sweden and internationally.

In order to meet the requirements in financial risk management, we have broad and deep expertise in risk modeling, insurance rules including actuarial services, valuation of financial assets, accounting and operating rules in asset management, securities and banking. This means that we have a wide range of consultants who are for example engineers, mathematicians, economists, lawyers and programmers. Working at KPMG means that there is a large international network, always ready to support the challenges that our customers may have. We work with international colleagues in many assignments and especially within the Nordic region, we help each other a lot in our assignments.


Financial Services

We are KPMG’s advisory team for banks, insurers, wealth managers and associated companies in the financial ecosystem. Our team of change agents, business developers and SMEs are all united by agile, delivery focused and inclusive ways of working. We are part of KPMG’s global network and international alliances and together with our clients we change the financial ecosystem for better. We challenge, develop, and elevate to deliver long lasting value in their most prioritised development areas. Digitalisation, profitability, sustainability, or innovation. Regardless of objective, we are the transformation partner for financial services.

Our core capabilities:

  • Finance Transformation
  • Risk Transformation
  • Operational Transformation
  • Payments
  • Claims