Design a healthy internal controls program that evolves to meet changing business needs and safeguard you from operational and financial reporting risks and enhance stakeholder confidence. We focus on your Internal controls so you can focus on your business.

At a time when entities are facing increased financial, reputational, regulatory, and operational risks, we help clients earn and maintain the trust of their stakeholders, the marketplace, and the communities they serve through their internal control environment.

KPMG can support you on the journey to having a high-impact internal controls program, starting by helping you determine the right controls and a better way to test them. Then, we help you to streamline your process and improve it over time to increase effectiveness and keep pace with the dynamic business environment.

KPMG provides wide-ranging services in areas which you can chose based on your requirement:

  • Internal Control maturity assessment
  • Internal Control of Financial Reporting (ICoFR) readiness assessment
  • Internal Control Function set-up
  • Entity Level Controls Review (in line with COSO framework)
  • Process documentations (narratives, flowcharts) i.e. control design
  • Design and operating effectiveness assessment of controls