Find out what’s really possible with data and analytics

Inside KPMG’s Insights Center in Riyadh, you interact directly with your data and new technologies to see potential solutions for your business challenges come to life.

The center’s next-generation high-tech environment and interactive touchscreen video wall guarantee a truly immersive experience. You experience your data in action to better understand its business implications in sessions ranging from analytics showcases and demonstrations, to facilitated workshops.

KPMG Spider Algorithm

The KPMG Spider Algorithm is an innovative product that uses advanced AI techniques to assist clients in rationalizing and strengthening the effectiveness of their internal control Frameworks. In addition, it answers the following what-if scenario: “What if there was a way to use AI to run an analysis of a client’s control landscape and, given few key assumptions, we could show the client how and where to reduce financial losses and reduce the cost of controls?”

Digital made tangible

The Insights Center helps you to generate ideas, explore technological opportunities and accelerate the delivery of customized data and analytics solutions across your enterprise. Using real-time data exploration and scenario testing, our industry experts and data specialists work with you to address your most critical risk, performance and growth challenges. We can design rapid prototypes for:

  • Big data systems
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Optimization
  • Predictive analytics

Expert knowledge and global network solutions

Our experts know best which data and analytical method is most appropriate for each company and individual process. And we offer solutions across industries and continents thanks to KPMG’s global Data & Analytics network of 4,300 D&A specialists from 155 countries.

KPMG also has Insights Centers in Frankfurt, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Amsterdam, New York, Vancouver, Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich and Tokyo.