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Opportunities pass us by every day, hidden amidst change and disruption. Our mission is to help businesses reframe complex problems into future opportunities to unlock new forms of value.

KPMG is a leading professional services firm with domain knowledge and experience in various industries, sectors, and technologies. To help businesses navigate the rapidly changing market, KPMG has set up the Innovation Center. This team uses advanced methodologies and tools to see beyond the now, sensing opportunities and possibilities for newer, faster, and exceptional results for your business.

The Innovation Center helps you to explore the future, embrace disruption, find innovative solutions, and drive the adoption of your ideas.

The team provides bespoke experiences that show clients how to take their organization further. Through its innovative approach, we can help businesses see beyond the present and sense opportunities for newer, faster, and better outcomes. 

Why choose us?

… and consider every possibility

As your trusted advisor, we will meet you wherever you are in your business journey.

Using our visionary thinking and state-of-the-art tools to harness the unknown, we’ll give you the confidence to change your perspective on how far your business can go.

Every step of the way, we’ll enable the collaboration necessary to co-create defined outcomes for your business with measurable impact. 


Ability to deal with true complexity

We tackle multi-faceted, multidimensional problems, resolving complexity at pace. We work at the rational, political and emotional level for the organization, team and individual.

Multi-method, multi-level approach

We have the methods and experience to work across breadth and depth, from the strategic to the tactical, in parallel.

Radical acceleration, de-risking transformation

When agile decision-making is key, the outcomes our sessions can achieve create genuine ownership and alignment.

Highly efficient & effective

The events we deliver maximize value and return on your investment of time and resources.

Collaborative and creative approach

The quality of our experiences remain memorable long after your session, providing momentum for your team going forward.

Powerful hybrid & virtual technologies

The center has been designed with a hybrid future in mind. Using the most advanced tools and thinking, we deliver our 5 multi-service offerings in person, virtually, or as a hybrid of both.

The collective quality

We combine specialist facilitation, bespoke design capability and a spectrum of expertise based on over 20 year’s experience.

Our services

KPMG's Innovation Center provides expert support to organizations seeking to enhance their R&D and innovation management capabilities. It can be challenging to successfully navigate the journey from R&D to commercialization, as it demands a diverse range of knowledge, skills, and methodologies. Recognizing this challenge, we form a blended team of experts and design KPMG’s R&D and Innovation management framework to enable organizations to achieve their innovation goals and reach new heights of success.

Innovation vision

We support our clients in envisioning their future with foresight, insight, and designing strategy covering speed and innovation adoption. Our approach sets us apart from others by helping organizations to manage disruption and drive adoption to complete the end-to-end journey.

Innovation management

We provide a holistic approach for a robust system encompassing all aspects of the organization to implement innovation strategies, ensuring that they can effectively manage and execute their plans for growth and transformation.

Innovation sessions

The Innovation Sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations looking to drive innovation. Our collaborative training and workshops are designed to support organizations at various levels, from addressing a specific challenge to developing organizational-wide capabilities to developing innovation leadership. Our sessions bring together a range of experts and stakeholders to collaborate, share knowledge, and gain insights that can help organizations achieve their innovation goals. Whether you are looking to fast-track your innovation journey or build the capabilities needed to sustain it, our sessions are the ideal solution to help you reach your desired outcome.

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Start your innovation journey with the KPMG Innovation Center

The Innovation Center has a specialized team within KPMG, that helps businesses turn complex problems into future opportunities by using advanced RDI frameworks and methodologies on top of services from across KPMG.

The goal is to help organizations explore the future, embrace disruption, find innovative solutions, and get innovation adopted. Designed to help clients sense opportunities and achieve exceptional outcomes for their organization.

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