An interactive overview of the latest developments in the real estate market

In our newest edition of the Riyadh Real Estate Market Overview, we highlight the high-level indicative investment opportunities, market trends, and market performance for the first half of 2022, covering four core real estate sectors: residential, retail, office, and hospitality. 

We have taken a more qualitative approach in which we provide you with the latest and future trends which shape the sector. Further, we have updated our digital interactive dashboard which provides accessible insights into the key statistics and allows for the opportunity to sort in three dimensions by selecting sectors, sub-sectors, and zones of the capital city and you will be able to create personalized insights on a selection of individually adjustable parameters. Furthermore, the dashboard illustrates indicative locations that can be considered for future developments in the respective sector/sub-sector. We encourage you to have a look and try it out yourself.


The ongoing economic recovery coupled with improving demand drivers of various sectors is likely to have a positive impact on the overall real estate market of the capital city.

Rani Majzoub
Head of Real Estate Advisory
KPMG Professional Services

Interactive tool (English)

Interactive tool (Arabic)

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