Digital transformation is fundamentally re-shaping the ways we live and work. An exponential rise in the pace and scale of change has taught us that digital transformation is now everyone’s role.

KPMG’s research shows that digital leaders deliver results that others don’t. Effective digital leadership techniques make a material difference to performance, productivity and value creation.

Digital leadership is a voyage of growth and discovery. Our mission is to support leaders at all levels with the digital tools, knowledge and mindset to drive successful transformation and fuel value creation across the Kingdom.

Watch the replay of our webinar: Digital leadership, unlocking the full value from transformation

  • Mazhar Hussain, Digital Lighthouse Leader at KPMG in Saudi Arabia
  • Laurence Collins, Future of Work Architect at Digiworkz
  • Mark Kennedy, Associate Professor of Strategy and Organization and Deputy Director of the Data Science Institute at Imperial College, London
  • Hesham Saad Al Ghamdi, Group Chief Data & Analytics Officer at Abdul Latif Jameel

In this session we looked through the lens of trends, technologies and transformation required to ensure that value from digital is delivered.