Serbian banking market entrance

Serbian banking market entrance

Welcome to Serbian banking market


Options for entering Serbian banking market at the moment:

Local regulation allows three options for entering Serbian banking market. Each of these options has its own strengths and weaknesses.

In following pages we have provided brief explanation for each of them. We tended to stay brief, highlight most important aspects and provide valuable insights.

These are the options:

Establish new bank.

  • Full flexibility to set-up everything. Starting capital required.
  • Fully licensed bank
  • Takes some time.

Acquire one of the local banks 

  • Start with existing client base and resources
  • Fully licensed bank
  • You can start soon.

Cross border activities with representative office in Serbia

  • Low on required resources
  • No license or only representative office
  • You can start today

KPMG provides various transaction related services which include:

  • Pre-deal services (research, analysis, regulatory advisory, etc.)
  • Deal Adviasory services (due diligence, valuation, etc.)
  • Post-deal services (audit, financial advisory, tax advisory, legal advisory, etc.)

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