KPMG in Romania has a new Human Resources Director

KPMG in Romania has a new Human Resources Director

Simona Podgoreanu joins KPMG in Romania as Human Resources Director, starting November 2019.


Director, Marketing

KPMG in Romania


Simona is a senior executive with almost 20 years of experience in human resources. She was the HR Director in Agricover for over 13 years and an associate professor at ASSEBUS Executive MBA program and ExecEdu for 16 years. During her career she has developed extensive knowledge and experience of HR and Organizational Development, and has postgraduate qualifications from top business schools, such as Harvard, IESE Barcelona, HEC Montreal etc.

Simona has coordinated projects relating to Change Management and Cultural Transformation, as well as HR process improvement and has wide experience in positioning the HR function as a strategic partner, building exceptional teams and leveraging on team work in cross-functional groups of colleagues, preparing organizations for the age of digital disruption by developing the workforce of the future. In KPMG, Simona will focus on consolidating a culture based on performance, feedback, and continuous development, providing employees with a valuable professional experience.

„I am delighted to be joining KPMG in Romania and am looking forward to playing my part in helping to develop this extraordinary team and to contributing through them to our clients’ success. As Human Resources Director in KPMG I have all the ingredients I need to do a great job: a successful company, a strong team and top management complete support for the development of the unique capabilities that will give us a competitive advantage, so that KPMG in Romania will become the first choice in the consulting industry,” said Simona Podgoreanu, HR Director, KPMG in Romania.

“Succeeding in the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires a one-of-a-kind transformative mindset, creating value through change, integrating AI with people, and developing an environment that encourages innovation and creativity as the new currency to fulfill our future-ready strategy. Simona has the entrepreneurial spirit and passion that can lead our extraordinary people on that path”, said Ramona Jurubiță, Country Managing Partner, KPMG in Romania. 

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