KPMG Legal Romania makes a strategic move in Technology, IP and Privacy advisory

KPMG Legal Romania makes a strategic move in Technology

Cristiana Fernbach joins the management team as coordinating Partner of the Technology, IP and Privacy practice.


Director, Marketing

KPMG in Romania


KPMG Legal Romania, a member of the KPMG Global Legal Services (GLS) Network, and Fernbach & Partners, a Romanian law firm dedicated to technology, digital media, IP and privacy, have decided to join forces in a strategic move to create the leading Technology law practice in Romania.

“As part of our global expansion strategy, we are constantly pursuing the most talented and promising lawyers, who have proven professional excellence, business development and management skills. In less than a year since she established her own law firm, Cristiana has done an impressive job in creating a solid business with international recognition in the most dynamic and least explored practice of our profession,” Laura Toncescu, KPMG Partner, Head of KPMG Legal Romania, said. “Her specialized knowhow and international reputation are valuable assets for any legal team. We are glad that she has decided to join our firm and take this practice to the next level.”

Cristiana Fernbach added: “Technology is global. Business opportunities, legal challenges, and revolutionary synergies happen on a global scale for our clients, and this is where we need to be as legal advisers. For the past year, we have grown a strong, representative practice for the Romanian market, in a most transformative and impactful industry. 30% of our business involves enthusiastic entrepreneurs looking at other European jurisdictions. Joining the global network of KPMG Legal feels like a natural next step for our development. I look forward to working with this dynamic and enthusiastic team of lawyers, to take the Technology practice to a leadership role in the region.”

Fernbach & Partners has positioned itself as the 4.0 legal advisor providing customized solutions for each project, depending on the client’s business objectives and industry particularities. Its portfolio includes important fintech, AML & remote KYC screening, blockchain technology, and GDPR compliance projects, with clients from the Banking & Financial industry, Advertising, IT and services, in Bucharest and other major cities. Furthermore, the firm has already established a strong footprint in the local startup ecosystem by advising startups on their legal issues and financing rounds.

"I am particularly happy that the Fernbach & Partners team is joining us, since the technology industry as well as the startup ecosystem is growing rapidly in Romania. Cristiana Fernbach already has a well-known reputation in these areas, and others besides. This new partnership fits well with KPMG in Romania’s latest initiatives such as Digital Transformation Advisory and the KPMG Startup Grow Pad Program focusing on local and regional technology firms” says René Schöb, Head of Tax & Legal, KPMG in Romania.

For 16 years, Cristiana Fernbach has practiced law in Germany and in Romania , where she coordinated the IP & Technology practice in the local office of an international German law firm and as a Partner and Co-Head of the Tehnologie – Media - Telecom practice of a local law firm .

Her international client portfolio includes major deals in the IT & Telecom regional industry; she has offered advice on data protection, brand and intellectual property protection, software development and licensing, and the implementation of e-commerce platforms. She has coordinated some of the most important GDPR mandates in Romania, advising the industry leader in the Banking & Finance sector and major clients in the Pharmaceuticals and Advertising industries.

She was a mentor to the Special Product Focus Award winning team at the first edition of Global Legal Hackathon, in 2018.

KPMG Legal places trust, professionalism and legal excellence at the top of its priorities. One of the key benefits to our clients is our capacity to work in integrated teams with professionals from financial, tax, IT and other backgrounds. Our multidisciplinary approach and our ability to harness subject matter experts from across the KPMG network enables us to deliver projects to high standards, with a high degree of efficiency, and to proactively anticipate and address legal and business issues even before they arise on our clients’ agendas.  

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