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Generally, employers who apply for work permits in Romania must observe several conditions. Firstly, the immigration legislation sets out a set of general conditions related to the employer and its activity in Romania, and secondly the legislation refers to specific conditions depending on the type of worker for whom the work permit is requested.

With effect from 8 March 2024, the conditions for requesting work permits and the rules applicable to highly-skilled workers have been significantly amended.

Specifically, Law no. 28/2024, published in the Official Journal of Romania (no. 176 of 5 March 2024) makes important changes to the legislation applicable to foreign citizens in Romania, previously set out in Government Emergency Ordinance no. 194/2002 concerning the regime of foreigners in Romania and Government Ordinance no. 25/2014 concerning the employment and posting of foreigners in Romania. Law no. 28/2024 also sets out details on the implementation of EU Directive 2021/1883.

Please find in the document below the most important changes to the immigration requirements.

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