In a changing and increasingly complicated world, our role has never been more important. Audit is thefoundation of the KPMG brand and is the backbone of our business. Quality remains our top priority and underpins everything we do. We have an unwavering commitment to serve the public interest by leading the profession in audit quality.

This past year we’ve continued to invest in our system of quality management, global and local monitoring of audit quality, and enhanced support. Apart from traditional audit training, we’re also expanding access and training for innovative technology and tools for our engagement teams, such as KPMG Clara, our smart audit platform, to drive consistency, collaboration and efficiency.

All of our actions are guided by our Values. They drive our daily behaviors, guide our  decisions and shape our culture. Integrity remains a core Value — we do what is right, in the right way, at the right time. We embody our Values of integrity and excellence in our  commitment to quality and our new Global Quality Framework outlines how every partner and employee contributes to delivering high-quality audits.

Our people are at the heart of our business and supporting their wellbeing remains a priority through challenging times. This also means assessing the appropriate level of workloads as well as initiatives that drive efficiencies through technology. This is what it means to work with and for KPMG. This is what makes us different. This Transparency Report offers you a clear perspective of how we do business. We open a door for you to see and understand us at a deeper level. We show to you our governance, our structure, our culture of integrity, our approach and systems of quality control, our application of the provisions of the Statutory Audit Law (Law 162/2017) and Regulation (EU) No 537/2014 on specific requirements for statutory audit of public interest entities. Quality is what our profession is built on, and it’s why KPMG is relentless in our approach to delivering it.

This Transparency Report covers the period from the last reporting date (1 October 2021) to 30 September 2022. We invite you to read on…

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