KPMG in Romania is pleased to share the inspirational success stories of local and international business leaders. Entrepreneurs and C-level executives are invited to our new Strategy Talks podcast series to share their expertise and views on best practice across a range of subjects, ranging from growth strategies and customer/employee experience to digital transformation and business model innovation.

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Welcome to our new edition of Strategy Talks. In our new episode I talk to a global innovation expert, Julian Lukaszewicz - Business Designer & Principal Innovation Consultant @ Board of Innovation. We touch upon some very insightful topics such as the links between innovation and strategy in an economically disruptive environment, how companies strategically choose to insource or outsource innovative activities, how differentiation as strategy is dependent on constant innovation. I hope you enjoy the show!

In this new episode of Strategy Talks we discuss with Georgiana Miron, Marketing, Communication and Client service Director at Groupama Asigurari Romania, about the role the marketing function plays in the process of strategy formulation and execution. We uncover perspectives related to how customer behavior currently impacts business planning and how customer and employee experience play a prime role in the service differentiation game. Enjoy!

In a brand new episode Victor Iancu, Associate Partner KPMG Advisory, talks to Valentin Radu, Founder and CEO of Omniconvert, about strategy in the e-commerce arena. We uncover tips & tricks that both newcomers and established players in the digital commerce space need to consider in order to compete efficiently and thrive in an increasingly complex environment. We also discuss about technology trends, the importance of customer research and the use of data as critical tactical levers. 

In our latest episode of KPMG Strategy Talks, Victor Iancu talks with Ioan Iacob, CEO and Co-founder of, about the significant changes digital has made to customers’ experiences. We'll be discussing the entrepreneurial journey of this highly successful Romanian start-up, the way it innovates around customer needs, and how technology can be strategically leveraged to improve service personalization, especially in heavily commoditized industries. 

In our first episode of KPMG Strategy Talks, Victor Iancu, Associate Partner, Strategy & Experience Design, KPMG in Romania, is talking with Ștefan Ponea, CEO Mateco Romania, about a successful entrepreneurial business in a niche, B2B context. We'll be discussing what are the strategies behind sustained performance in a highly competitive industry, what success looks like, how customer centricity builds competitive advantage and the role digitalization currently plays in an increasingly connected economy.

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