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Welcome to the third edition of the Customer Experience Excellence report for Romania. We are glad to present to you the latest trends on our market, across a substantial number of customer related indicators and metrics, and support the growing efforts of the local business community to become more human centric and client focused during a time of profound social and economic change.

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Customer Excellence: How did the champions fare?

The champions of this year’s Customer Experience research are basically driving their customers’ loyalty by proving that you can get good value for a fair amount of money (looking just at the top 3 brands on this market, value is at the core of their business model). Out of the top 20 brands ranked according to their CEE score, 17 have also received the best value for money score across the whole market.

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Sector Updates

This year’s sector ranking reflects a global trend: while consumers are indeed more cautious with their spending, people do not want to give up their holidays, leisure and free time activities. This is partly reflected in the very high scores the Restaurant & Fast Food and the Travel sectors have received this year. Non-Grocery Retail, the largest sector in terms of the number of brands, comes in third this year, featuring 32 of the 54 brands positioned in the first half of the ranking (there are a total of 119 brands ranked in our table this year).

A Global Perspective

The Value for Money Economy & The Connected Customer

With the re-opening of the Romanian economy we have had a chance to understand what the “new reality” looks like locally and we are continuously picking-up signals of change. A new type of customer is coming forward – one who is more financially constrained, digitally aware and less impulsive in their decisions. For many organizations, this situation is an opportunity to rekindle the relationship with their customers, tuning in to this new reality and actively learning about their new needs. Connected journeys, seamless transitions across channels and integrated, end-to-end experiences which are tailored to their needs – these are some key aspects consumers now expect.

Curious to learn more? Click below to download the 2021 Customer Experience Excellence Report and get a detailed view into the market evolution, sector performance, as well as key insights into customer expectations and designing compelling experiences.

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