In the midst of unprecedented change and disruption, it is clear that the HR organization of the future will not look like it used to. For organizations to continue delivering a competitive advantage through the workforce experience, a completely new mindset will be required for HR roles, structures, tools, capabilities and strategy. HR will be critical to the organization’s response to changing market realities, but effectively fulfilling this need will require the function to transcend its traditional role. In coming months and years, HR leaders and their functions will be faced with a dual challenge.

HR will be called upon to deliver the strategic, future-oriented support the business needs to weather technological, cultural, and functional change, while simultaneously needing to transform the HR organization itself to meet future demand.

To do so, HR leaders and professionals need to invest time and effort in self-development and upskilling themselves. They need to start building personal winning value propositions and becoming inspirational thought leaders with regard to the new skills that fit the new era of the workplace. Only then will they be able to take their entire organization, leaders, and employees, on the same journey.

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