The fast progress of information and communication technology has changed and continues to shape businesses.

17 January 2018, 9:00AM - 2:00PM, EET Bucharest, Romania

This means that certain traditional methods used for calculation and collection of taxes have become outdated.

Is people’s trust in state authorities falling apart? Is Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s social contract, which states that every individual gives away his/her rights to the community he/she lives in, facing any danger?

KPMG in Romania is pleased to invite you to attend its conference "How will the digital economy shape taxation?". This event will involve presentation and discussion of the main trends in Romanian and international taxation. We will also examine some of the challenges faced by Romanian companies and their employees in relation to taxation and labour laws.

We will also introduce you to KPMG’S latest tax applications.

The conference will be broadcast live on the ZF site and will be moderated by Sorin Pâslaru, Chief-editor of Ziarul Financiar.



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Romanian-language event. Please access the agenda here


By January 15, 2018, by phone or email to:

Ana Maria David
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