As a global organization, KPMG has publicly declared that it is determined to have a positive impact on the world through the way we conduct our business and interact with communities.

What we aim for is simple: we do not want to just be part of history but to reshape it for the better for generations to come.

Our reports set out the progress we have made on our ESG journey, including how we apply ESG principles internally, the checks and balances we have put in place to ensure that ESG policies are effectively implemented, and also how we make efforts to promote high ESG standards among our clients and in the wider community. There is a strong commitment to ESG from KPMG in Romania & Moldova’s employees many of whom are closely involved in taking our ESG strategy forward, whether by helping our clients develop effective sustainability policies or by their involvement in various community projects. 

KPMG in Romania & Moldova makes a positive impact on the economy and society of the two countries and we nvite you to read more about the progress we have made and the impact we’ve had on our stakeholders. We look forward to hearing your feedback on our reports. 

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