Trade and Customs

Trade and Customs

Dealing with customs becomes more and more relevant since the international trade is growing fast in Qatar.

Dealing with customs becomes relevant since the intl. trade is growing fast in Qatar.

Successful entrepreneurs with cross-border operations understand the importance of complying with local and international trade and customs taxes and tariffs to avoid unexpected indirect costs. As a signing member of the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement and the GCC Unified Common Customs Law, and given its geographic location and economic opportunities, Qatar is becoming a favorable destination for many multi-national corporations and as the country thrives, local businesses are increasingly expanding their operations regionally and globally.

How KPMG can help
KPMG’s Trade & Customs (T&C) team in Qatar is part of a wider network of over 400 professionals in 80 countries. Our team has extensive knowledge of the laws and taxes which impact our clients’ local and cross-border operations and are in regular contact with the local tax authorities to ensure that we provide up-to-date and relevant information to our clients.

Our services include: 

  • providing policies on customs valuations for global entrepreneurs
  • advising on restructuring international operations and supply chain management
  • providing support during customs authority audits
  • ensuring T&C compliance requirements are met
  • providing trade compliance reviews for imports and exports
  • advising on internal controls and process improvements
  • providing global customs advisory support
  • performing customs reviews
  • classifying Harmonized System (“HS”) codes.

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