The ability to identify, control, and monitor organizational threats is central to long-term growth and prosperity

Governance and enterprise risk management can challenge even the most experienced leaders. This is especially true in a time of constant market change. Staying one step ahead requires consistent oversight, cross-functional alignment, and an internal risk control environment tailored to the organization’s needs and today’s evolving risk landscape.

KPMG’s Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services (GRCS) team lives within that risk landscape, fueling transformation efforts. We work with clients across industries to design and embed technology-enabled future-ready governance and enterprise risk management tools, practices, and skills. Whether through outsourcing via our managed services solutions or equipping in-house teams, we help give boards and leadership peace of mind in the moment and the confidence to move forward.

Representing one of Qatar's largest and most experienced teams of risk management specialists, KPMG’s GRCS team draws from experience across KPMG’s advisory practice (Management Consulting, Financial Risk Management, Forensic, Accounting Advisory Services, Deal Advisory, and Actuarial). No matter the industry, our goal is to help clients optimize their governance and enterprise risk management, establish and test internal controls, regulate third-party risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and support their governance and sustainability objectives.​

How we can help

Risk management

Risks reside in every corner of an organization and across all lines of business. Left unchecked, each poses severe and long-lasting threats to one’s growth, finances, and reputation. KPMG’s GRCS specialists work in lockstep with your teams to design and implement risk management practices that will keep enterprise, digital, financial, and non-financial threats in their place. And to do so, we draw on KPMG’s GRCS specialists and cross-sector knowledge to build a robust risk function to ensure your organization is protected now and into the future.

Internal audit

An organization's strength, sustainability, and growth potential are intrinsically tied to its internal audit (IA) function. KPMG GRCS draws on industry-leading practices, advanced IA analytics, and one of Qatar's teams of IA specialists to provide various IA strategic sourcing options (e.g., co-source, outsource), quality assurance services, training, and guidance.

Major project advisory

Major projects generate long-term growth and create long-lasting legacies, but only if the associated risks are kept in check. We empower clients to move forward on large initiatives with confidence by providing assurance and advisory supports that keep the risks of large-scale transformation (e.g., financial, IT, occupational health and safety, etc.) in clear view.

Internal controls over financial reporting

Financial reporting is the lynchpin of compliance and stakeholder relationships and yet, the complexities and considerations of financial reporting can add up. KPMG’s GRCS team helps clients make sense of the current financial reporting landscape and respond with accuracy and transparency. KPMG GRCS delivers a suite of ICFR / SOX managed services that help clients develop, implement, monitor, and test lean and fit-for-purpose internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR) programs.


Compliance is central to an organization’s ability to operate and grow within its space and yet, keeping pace with jurisdictional rules, regulations, and standards can be akin to aiming at a moving target. This is where we come in. Our team will help your organizations understand, navigate, and adapt to today's ever-shifting landscape with our industry-proven regulatory, due diligence, and contract compliance services. We help you stay in good standing and ahead of the curve, so you can focus on what your business does best.


Governance is the backbone of risk mitigation. It’s what keeps organizations aligned and up-to-date on the practices, frameworks, and controls that define their risk management strategy. That’s why we work with boards and enterprise leaders to provide information sessions and training on leading corporate governance practices and considerations.

Data analytics

There is no effective governance and enterprise risk management with clean, reliable data. That’s why we use industry-leading data tools and specialists to provide data analytics (DA) services for IA, risk management, transformation initiatives, and compliance obligations to help clients see beyond the numbers.


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