Fraud investigations are essential for addressing fraud allegations, protecting victims, and gathering evidence. Conducting a successful fraud investigation requires proper procedures, techniques, and skills. One of the greatest challenges in any investigation is finding the relevant data and managing issues related to access to data and data transformation. KPMG's advanced technology expertise enables quick responses to adverse events. Our clients value the expertise of our skilled Forensic Technology professionals who can virtually recover and analyze digital evidence, ensuring a thorough investigation process.

Service areas

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms and data analytic tools, we analyze complex datasets, detect patterns, and identify anomalies that may indicate fraudulent activities or compliance breaches. Our skilled analysts are trained to recognize these indicators, enabling us to identify potential fraudulent activities or breaches.

Our Evidence and Discovery Management (EDM) services are an integral part of our forensic investigations and litigation support. We understand the challenges of handling extensive volumes of information in various formats, both electronic and physical. With our expertise, we employ data analytics to effectively manage, analyze, and share investigative information.

Our Fraud Database provides organizations with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With over 1000 scenarios and case studies, we offer a comprehensive library of global fraud-related information. By leveraging these resources, we assist organizations in understanding different fraud schemes, patterns, and trends. Additionally, we employ best-in-class frameworks in our investigation approach, ensuring our clients benefit from the most effective and up-to-date fraud fighting strategies.

What does it mean to be Fraud Ready and why is it important ?


Successful Fraud Ready institutions establish processes that focus on how to react quickly to emerging threats and stand-up responses to these frauds without over governance and rules. A focus on rapid reaction protects their customers and their business lines.