KPMG combines extensive experience, licensed software, and eDiscovery tools to provide best-in-class eDiscovery services. With our targeted collection capabilities, we help clients reduce non-relevant data, ensuring a more focused investigation. Our collection tools are forensically sound, enabling us to collect data from various sources, such as Office 365®, email, documents, calendars, and SharePoint®.

To maintain a proper chain of custody, we utilize KPMG's Evidence Tracker throughout the eDiscovery process. Our integrated tools and technologies empower project teams to maintain data control at every phase, adapting quickly to scope changes, requirements, and priorities.

How we can help you

We pinpoint the critical data sources and elements relevant to the investigation. This involves identifying data stored across various platforms, applications, locations, or devices. Our focus is to assist clients in determining the necessary data required for a thorough examination of fraud and misconduct incidents.

We develop and implement robust action plans to ensure the secure preservation of evidence and chain of custody. By following KPMG data preservation methodology, we safeguard the integrity and accessibility of the evidence throughout the investigative process.

Our experienced teams employ targeted and comprehensive collection protocols to gather evidence effectively. With a strong emphasis on maintaining a clear chain of custody, we ensure the reliability and admissibility of the collected data.

We leverage advanced techniques to load, transform, consolidate, standardize, validate, and filter relevant data for analysis. Our capabilities enable swift and accurate indexing, searching, and analysis of the data, facilitating efficient review and investigation.

Once potential anomalies and fraud patterns are detected, K-FACTS provides robust support to the investigations team. K-FACTS generates comprehensive reports, visualizations, and case summaries to assist investigators in understanding the findings and guiding strategic actions.