In today's globalized economy, organizations face a multitude of opportunities and challenges. Operating across borders and  accessing diverse markets added complexity to the business landscape. Meanwhile, the litigious nature of the business environment and the rise of partnerships and joint ventures contribute to a rapid increase in commercial disputes.

Whether facing contractual disagreements or other types of disputes, our team offers comprehensive support to help you navigate the process. From analyzing the facts to preparing expert reports, our goal is to provide you with the tools and strategies needed to strengthen your position and achieve a favorable outcome.

Engaging our dispute advisory services grants you access to a multidisciplinary team of professionals, including subject matter experts, legal consultants, and forensic accountants. We develop effective resolution strategies tailored to your specific needs. 

Critical Moments – When to Engage Us

Dispute involves an existing shareholder or partner exiting the business


Dispute has the potential to involve the transfer of assets


You are seeking a settlement for a dispute


You are contemplating a transaction or transfer of assets that could potentially be challenged in the future


Dispute has been triggered by investment or divestment activity


Dispute is related to a compulsory purchase order


How we can help you

KPMG's Dispute Advisory team can provide accounting advice and expert witness evidence to assist in the resolution of disputes and in the processes of litigation, arbitration, mediation and transaction disputes.

Our team conducts thorough and unbiased analyses to prepare comprehensive reports that present an independent expert perspective, ensuring the credibility and reliability of the evidence provided.

We employ advanced forensic methodologies to gather and analyze evidence, ensuring a comprehensive examination of the issues. This includes agreements, financial transactions, timelines, and other pertinent documentation to detect any signs of irregularities or fraudulent activities.

Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting you in quantifying economic damages, generating comprehensive expert reports. We will assess the loss in value of assets and businesses, calculate lost profits to help our clients make informed decisions based on reliable and thorough evaluations of the financial impact.